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» 10.12.2015
Bleach Rebirth has opened up in an Alpha stage! That being said, there will be a lot of things which will be revamped and edited during this phase. Please bear with us.

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 Connor Sinclaire, Fullbringer
Conner Lucien Sinclair
 Posted: Sep 9 2016, 08:23 PM
Conner Lucien Sinclair
Conner Lucien Sinclair


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Connor Lucien Sincleaire Fullbringer
    Combat Style
    A self taught mix between Shaolin and Capioera.

    Description: When it is used its primary form is an eight foot long futuristic sword with a razor sharp edge made of reiatsu. There is tubing and guards on the base of the blade and at its back close to the bottom. Despite it's massive size the blade is remarkably light and invariably sturdy. When fighting at times he will grab the tubing at the base of the blade and spin, holding it with the flat lower back edge. When he holds the pipe on the back of the blade and spins his elbow reaches just below where the blade starts on the back of the blade. The pendrive can also be "upgraded" by plugging the drive into the air. When Connor does this various kinds of technology are formed in the air from the point that the drive is plugged into. Keyboards, electronic musical instruments, wireless computer accessories, and laptops can be formed in this way.


    Name: Infinite Utility

    Name: Upgrade: Headphones
    Type: Utility
    Range: Long
    Description: Conner upgrades his headphones into high powered speakers that project sound in a 50 degree cone. Essentially a bass cannon unless he tones them down just for speaking. The physical shape he gives them is a pair of small speakers mounted in bionic gloves that protect his hands and arms. The construct extends to his head in the form of a helmet to protect himself from his own sound waves. This only protects his inner ear and jaw. The sound can still travel through the rest of him to reach his head if it is somehow reflected.

    Name: Upgrade: Transportation
    Type: Utility
    Range: N/A
    Description: This upgrade allows Conner to upgrade low tech vehicles like bikes, skateboards, skates etc. In most cases they are changed into hover type vehicles that draw reiatsu from Conner for power. In all others the wheels integrate motors that are powered in the same way.

    Fullbring Evolution
    Name: Command Center
    Appearance: Two keyboards and four monitors float around him.

    Name: Administrative Command
    Range: 40 yards
    Description: All technology within the radius can be issued commands from his system to take action or share information.

    Name: Remote update
    Range: 40 yards
    Description: Allows Connor to preform upgrades within his skill set to any technology uninfluenced by another's powers.

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