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Ser'noth Teufel

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Jul 22 2014, 04:58 AM
<div style="width:475px; padding:40px; margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto;">
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<span class="charriename">Ser'noth Teufel</span>
<span class="charriegroup">Arrancar</span>

<div style="clear:both;"></div>

<div id="monthss">
<table width="450" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="2" align="center" border="0">
<td width="150" rowspan="4">
<basedetail>No Nickname</basedetail>
<basedetail>six-hundred & fourteen</basedetail>

<basedetail><b>alias</b> Raven</basedetail>

<td class="traithead">the good</td>
<td class="traithead">the bad</td>
<td class="traitlist">
♦ Sensitive<br>
♦ Thoughtful<br>
♦ Soft-Spoken (at times)<br>
♦ Friendly<br>
♦ Adeptable
<td class="traitlist">
♦ Distant<br>
♦ Immature<br>
♦ Demanding / needy<br>
♦ Indecisive<br>
♦ Bratty
<td class="traithead">likes</td>
<td class="traithead">dislikes</td>
<td class="traitlist">
♦ Lounging<br>
♦ Taking Walks<br>
♦ Cuddles<br>
♦ Stuffed Animals<br>
♦ Human watching
<td class="traitlist">
♦ Children<br>
♦ Authority<br>
♦ Judgemental People<br>
♦ Fighting<br>
♦ Dishonesty

<div id="weekss">
When Ser'noth is around any other individual who she sees as a threat, she's cruel and will attack them no matter who or what they are. It doesn't even matter to her how strong they are. However, she isn't a ruthless Arrancar she just likes to be left alone. She's seen mostly as a bitch and isn't well liked at all by anyone due to her pent up anger and aggression on the world. Mostly authority figures. Not to mention, she doesn't 'fit in' anywhere. She is rather blunt but once she's relaxed and comfortable with someone, she would be their best friend right away, no matter what their race is.
Around Arrancar and Hollow below her, Ser'noth is bossy and demanding. She disrespects her superiors as well and acts bratty and needy of them. Ser'noth also has a hard time following orders. She always has to get what she wants and if she doesn't, she throws a fit or just pouts. She doesn't particularly care for the Arrancar as a race but she puts up with them. She spends most of her time on Earth where no one would try and look for her. This way she can be alone and to herself with her stuffed animals. Most of the time she just goes to the top of a high building, hoping no one would bother her if she promised not to bother anyone.

<div class="brtitle">Appearance</div>
<center><img src="http://i.imgur.com/Fw86jOn.jpg" width="300"></center><br>
Have you ever felt dozens of pairs of eyes upon you? No? Well, then it might be a little hard to relate to Ser'noth because she knows that feeling all too well. From admirer's examining her curvy frame, and height, to the judgmental stares of her peers as she competed to get to where she is today. Her back is always straight and tall, posture perfect as her oddly red eyes stare out calmly at a crowd. They can be as hard as ice, and as gentle as a flowing stream depending on the situation or the person involved. Her lips are petite, either pursed in a thin line, or warm in a small demure smile.
Her body may seem slender and squishy, it is, in truth, hiding the muscle that lies beneath. Her hair is technically red, the length flowing down past at least her plump rump. Her bangs both frame her face, and peak just between her eyes so they peer out quite clearly from behind her hair. Her blush usually just barely tinges her cheeks, and she always just has an air of cute, at least until she is serious and down to business. Then... she is far more intimidating than one would think upon initial inspection.

<div class="brtitle">Biography</div>
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Once upon a time there was a girl with long blond hair who was born in luxury in England. She was the daughter of a king and one of his concubines. She was a beautiful child and someone worthy to be from royalty. However, the King only wanted a son to be his first born. So he ordered to have his child killed. But her mother didn’t want her to die so she just abandoned her elsewhere in the fields on a field. She didn’t think she would be a good mother and she didn’t want to lose the king’s favor. So they pretend that she was dead and Juno Blackstone was found by a group of mercenaries and taken in. They taught the girl how to survive on her own and everything she needed to get by. In addition, they were also teaching her how to fight and kill just like one of them. Juno didn’t mind it as it was the only world that she knew.
Slowly as the years went by under the care of the mercenaries she slowly developed into a beautiful young woman. But while that was an enjoyable achievement it was also tragic as her mercenary companions were all dead. Thus, she was once again by her lonesome but considering that she was an adult she could take care of herself now. She was old enough to become a mercenary just like the ones who took care of her until she was an adult. So she took the job of being a mercenary while posing as an exotic dancer. It was an honest living, dancing by day and killing targets or completing missions by night. And there was some excitement in this line of work so she wasn’t miserable. But being alone in a world that she couldn’t be herself was painful. One day during one of her dances she was called by the king to visit his royal estate and dance for him. It was completely unexpected for Juno but she gladly accepts the offer. The king and her set up a meeting time for her performance as she made sure she didn’t have to do anything special on that day. She believed that this was going to be her big break in life and finally able to live out peacefully once it was over.
The next day she spent picking her best outfit before getting on a carriage to the Lord’s estate. Once there she was greeted by one of his many servants as she was given the tour. It was there she was pampered and freshened for her performance with the king. Naturally it was a success given how much the king loved her performance and asked for more. But it was becoming an apparent that it was rather too much of a success as she found herself entering his secret chambers. Being the good sport she was she followed him towards the chambers. However, she was not expecting what was going to happen upon reaching them. The king wanted her beauty and to become one of his concubines. But Juno refused and tried to escape until her body gave out on her. All that dancing was taking a toll on her not to mention she was drugged during dinner. So she was forced to let him have his way with her throughout the night. It was only until a crucial moment during that night that the king would realize that he was in the presence of his own daughter. Struggling to rebound, he promptly slit her throat after revealing his secret to her and had the guards dump her body into the river. Finally putting an end to his mistake but quickly dying to the toxins dosed in her bloodstream for such an occasion.
For Juno, her throat being slit was like a little kid holding her neck trying to choke her with all it's strength but it not doing a single thing to her. She bled, but she felt healed almost completely by the time she washed to shore. But when she woke up, she was in a completely different place. There were people walking by and a male who introduced himself as Shirou Shinkawa. Shirou explained that she was in Seireitei because she had died, which she already knew. But Shirou was different. He had a different mind set than everyone else there. He told Juno about the Gotei 13 and got her into the academy almost instantly with him.<p>

Juno and Shrirou joined the 12th Division together. When the Captain Commander found out about their experiments with hollowfication, she ordered them to be killed.Juno managed to escape but Shirou died. Juno fled back to Earth and continued the research with what she managed to gather before the material was burned. Long story short, she went as far as experimenting on herself. She changed her name to Ser'noth Teufel and started her life over again.

So she starts roaming around the river and down the town where she was abandoned and supposedly killed. All she heard was rumors upon rumors about her death and what was the cause of it. If only they knew then she might have found some justice. However, slowly but surely everyone would forget about it and not really care about her. Not even her family or friends really care about her. In fact they were happy that she was gone. She realized that there was a Princess. The King was married with a daughter now. After knowing now that Juno was thrown out as an infant enraged her. The fact that the King still had no sons but kept another daughter made it worse. This started to fuel her irritation and sadness more and more as it started to become rage and vengeance. The townspeople were really getting to her the more the days went by. Her heart was disappearing and only a black void would take its place. Finally she would transform into the very monster society labeled her as she was ready for her vengeance.
For the past month Ser'noth began to reap the souls of everyone who wronged her. She wasn’t going to let a single person in that godforsaken town survive her massacre. One of the main targets was her 'sister'.</p>

The woman had a husband and daughter and lived in the castle alongside the current widowed Queen. It was at night when Ser'noth snuck in and slaughtered the husband and child first. When her sister arrived, Ser'noth realized she was a spiritually aware human and could see her. That just made it a whole lot easier to be rid of her. The woman didn't put up a fight but did beg for her life and that of her unborn. But Ser'noth was blinded by instinct and sheer anger as well as sadness at the same time. <p>
Her gruesome transformation only left her to transform into a destructive monster. It took all the strength she could muster to break free of this monstrous transformation and her 'mask'. She had a curvaceous and voluptuous body but it was more gentle like. Ser'noth was ravishing over her new features and powers as she rages across the capital city. Even though that killing them didn’t cure the void in her heart it did make her satisfy to carry out her own vengeance. But with each kill she would become hungrier. By the time she destroyed the city she was sick of the human world. So instead she wonders into the world of constant darkness and gloom. Hueco Mundo was new new home.
Upon her arrival she was greeted rather nicely by the hostility of the beings called Hollow. Naturally she was attacked by these groups of Hollow. However, they were no match for Ser'noth’s brutality and speed. It wasn’t new to her that she would be placed in a world that the strongest was allowed to survive and everyone was just food for one another. She welcomes this darkness and cruelty. The sheer thought of being put against life and death every passing moment awakens the sadistic nature inside of her. So rather than going back to the human world to hunt souls she instead hunted after Hollow as she found more excitement than hunting down humans. With each kill she took she was becoming stronger as the decades went on. Each fight taught her something new about herself. Not to mention each time she was close to death she gotten stronger and more sadistic because of it. As the souls kept piling up, the more she started to change and evolve. In a little over a century or two she had acquired new skills.
Eventually as she continued to guard her territory that she claimed herself inside of Hueco Mundo as the queen of beast, she would find herself getting a visitor. She caught the glimpse of a woman with long blond hair and a well built bouncy body scouting the area. She kept herself quiet for the most part as she wanted to see what she was doing. Not to mention that she was quite attractive. It was a strange feeling for Ser'noth considering that she spent countless centuries mindlessly killing and fighting. But there was something strange about the woman that intrigued her and yet she couldn’t put her finger on. Was it love or just simple lust? She had to find out so she held back from attacking her. Instead she used her powers to silently follow and watch the woman. The more she watches and follows her, the more interested she was getting towards her. Eventually she follows her back north to what was called Las Noches. If she wanted her so bad she should have just taken her the moment she was in Hueco Mundo. But Ser'noth couldn’t find an exact answer the moment she was inside. Her presence would eventually be spot out by the leader known as the Granado Espada. She was taken in by a group and thrown into a dungeon cell within a large tower.
Ser'noth couldn't believe that she was so stupid. For a while she fought and screamed and caused a fuss. Her Reiatsu even started causing the bars of the cell to rattle. Eventually she was made a deal. For her freedom from the cell, she would become a part of the Arrancar army... thus, she accepted.
The only Espada Ser'noth took a liking to was Sethos. He was the only one she would ally herself with and fight for. She was only a foot soldier in the Arrancar army but she never took a liking to Barracuda and refused to trust him. Upon hearing the rumors that Barracuda sold out the entire Arrancar race to the Quilin, Ser'noth took matters into her own hand. Immediately reporting what she learned to Sernoth, she went after the Granado soon after in his own throne room, buying Sethos time to make preparations for attack. The young Arrancar managed to kill the Granado's Fraccion and faced two others at once. Sethos came in the nick of time to save her life and deliver the killing blow to Barracuda. Since then, Sethos became the Granado and to thank Ser'noth for her near sacrifice, she became his Fraccion.


<div id="creditlink">made by <a href="http://z10.invisionfree.com/A_THOUSAND_FIREFLIES/index.php?showuser=25440" target="_blank">cami</a> of <a href="http://z10.invisionfree.com/A_THOUSAND_FIREFLIES/" target="_blank">atf!</a></div>

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