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Vismund Theocrux

las Cuchillas

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Nov 4 2015, 10:50 PM
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<span class="charriename">Vismund Revalt Theocrux</span>
<span class="charriegroup">Arrancar</span>

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<table width="450" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="2" align="center" border="0">
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<basedetail>Theo, Viz, The Silent Shadow</basedetail>
<basedetail>One Thousand and Four</basedetail>
<basedetail>Segunda Espada</basedetail>


<td class="traithead">the good</td>
<td class="traithead">the bad</td>
<td class="traitlist">
♦ Knowledgeable<br>
♦ Charming<br>
♦ Honorable<br>
♦ Quick Witted<br>
♦ Honest
<td class="traitlist">
♦ Stubborn<br>
♦ Short Temper<br>
♦ Pessimistic<br>
♦ Overly Sarcastic<br>
♦ Mentally Withdrawn
<td class="traithead">likes</td>
<td class="traithead">dislikes</td>
<td class="traitlist">
♦ Self-Education<br>
♦ Alcohol<br>
♦ Music<br>
♦ Challenges<br>
♦ Inventing
<td class="traitlist">
♦ Cheaters<br>
♦ Arrogance<br>
♦ Losing<br>
♦ Ignorance<br>
♦ Criticism

<div id="weekss">

"Knowledge is the key to greater potential"

Vismund holds his own intellect above all else. Acquiring the most knowledge and having the answer to everything is something that he consistently strives for. If someone is faster on the draw than him in this regard, Viz will always blame himself. There are very few who intimidate Vismund in his own field, it is usually well-considered to trust his opinion. Typically Viz is less critical about this when he is drinking or even conversing with the opposite sex. Women can be considered a weakness if their personality traits add up right.
"Honesty is the best policy, especially when there's room for criticism" A man who isn't afraid to lie is a man to be feared. Vismund does not care what his superiors or comrades think, as long as the truth is told to them. Of course, this does not mean Vismund does not lie. If a situation presents itself where lying is the most logical choice, he will by all means take that route. However, he is not afraid to speak his mind when needed. However, Viz expects the same from his own peers. Not showing him the same honor will typically grant you a first-class seat in the next lesson about VIsmund: his anger.
"Angry? I don't get angry. I'm only expressing my hatred for others."

Don't let the fuse dwindle: VIsmund is notorious to be quick to anger - though he may not show it. Expressing it in other ways, Vismund can be extremely critical of someone to having insatiable bloodlust towards an enemy. Insulting his intelligence is a big weakness of his, mostly because this is the source of Viz's pride.
"My two best friends are alcohol and my laboratory. They tend not to talk back to me"

A scientist's best friend, the place where he can be himself unbound by the shackles of the society and it's norms. The laboratory, in VIsmund's case. Many late nights have been spent concocting Newtonian fluids (if you wish to categorize), machines, and unworldly creations that should never be brought into this world. There is always one thing that kickstarts his muse: the sweet taste of beer. Well beer, liquor, wine, you could call Vismund an alcoholic. His flask is never empty as well as his thirst to discover new things, even those a normal being shouldn't cross into.
"Pride is my worst enemy, and my best friend...wait no, just a friend, I must apologize to my glass of bourbon." Vismund, although very conceited at times and seemingly cold-hearted, is a man who holds honor higher than many things. He's quite a hypocrite. Vismund's code of morals and ethics is very tight, and if something goes against it you can be sure to expect backlash. Beware, for if you violate his trust such as murdering loved ones, do not expect anything to overcome his anger. Anger above honor, pride above pain.
"Charming...No really, that's it."

There is no weapon more quick and deadly than Vismund's charming personality. Manipulation is a great tool, and Viz is sure to keep it close. Vismund is always accepting donations to keep his inventions funded, as well as any ladies that he may lay his eyes on. Despite locking himself away for large periods of time, Vismund isn't daft enough to go outside without properly assessing his wardrobe. He is quite up to date with fashion and always looks presentable, unless you happen to catch him off guard. The day a woman charms Vismund is the day that he meets his own maker.
"So I'm a realist, that doesn't make your opinion of me any better. Keep trying."

Let's summarize: Vismund is a piece of work. In a good mood, he is an honorable and caring person with a brilliant and potent mind. However in a bad mood, his anger and attitude can cause friends to leave and enemies to run. The switch between these two is not far between, a flick is the only thing it takes to change. Vismund will always doubt before attempting anything new. It's a fail safe, it keeps him in check and always makes him think before acting. Calculations and timing are critical in any situation and mistakes aren't something that Vismund takes kindly.

<div class="brtitle">Appearance</div>
A man with taste and elegance, Vismund is always well-dressed for any occasion while out in the public eye. Typical outfits include collared shirts and slacks to stylish urban wear, such as hoodies and designer jeans. Standing at a tall 6'2", Vismund stands above the average male with a slender physique. Sometimes you can tell how long he's been locked inside based on how pale his skin tone is. VIsmund's jet black hair is long and unruly, however when he goes out it tends to be up in a ponytail. When reading or any time at night, Vismund needs to wear a pair of glasses in order to see. His devilishly blue eyes are the pinnacle of his facial features, often the first thing to draw anyone's attention. Pieces of his mask are still present along the top of his head and forehead, showing small horns arranged in a row-like pattern. His hollow hole is located in his upper-right chest, typically covered by clothing.


<div class="brtitle">Biography</div>
Vismund does not remember his name in his past life, only bits and pieces that come to him as dreams. It all started around 1100 AD, where Vismund left to die next to the corpse of his lover. Brutally murdered together by a man still unknown to him. Though Vismund will always remember his face. Vismund sat there for what seemed like decades, waiting for something to end this...but he was stuck. Bound to this place, his lover's corpse rotted by now. Eventually, everything faded to nothing.
Vismund was now a hollow, though he didn't know it yet. The lowest of the low, devouring people constantly. As time went on, Vismund gained consciousness...a small bit of control gave him a sense of humanity again. It was then that he began to slip into a portal...that brought him to the thriving Hueco Mundo. The world where hollows do not have to starve, where they could live in civilization. He was now an Adjuchas, something still primitive but at least he had his functions.
Mind still full of malice and hatred, he wandered Hueco Mundo in search of someone to converse with. It had been centuries, centuries of mindless consumption. A vast and empty stomach filled with the souls of those once living. He was a monster and he couldn't even comprehend that concept yet. Eventually, however, he met the man who would begin his endeavor to become stronger. An arrancar called Barracuda. This man towered over Vismund physically and intellectually, it made Vismund's blood boil.
Vismund began his ascent from then on. Finding more hollows, he went together to find civilization and establish himself. Slowly he found himself the leader of his pack, a trendsetter. However, this didn't always go well. There would be fights, and plenty of them. Hollows attempting mutiny, they all wanted power for themselves. Vismund wouldn't let them. Brutally slaughtering them if they came to him in argument...One day, Viz looked up and the last of his friends stood in front of him. Before killing the hollow, it took a piece of Vismund with him...a part of his mask. Awakened was the man beneath.
Through it, you could now see a glimpse of what once resembled a human. Vismund peered into the vastness of Hueco Mundo. It seemed different this time, a land of opportunity. Little did he know, Vismund was staring at the land of Las Noches - the haven where he would become part of the Exequias for a short period of time.
His skills were put to the test, finally, showing his superiors and others what he was truly capable of. Slaughtering Shinigami who attempted to invade the hollows home, Vismund was a protector, a keeper of this world. But there was more, there was always more that Vismund wanted. Except this time, it wasn't souls he craved...it was knowledge. Knowledge of everything and anything there is to know.
His strategy and tactics were already talked about much around Las Noches. Even more so when he started displaying technology he developed. Some were ignored, others accepted. Either way, it made VIsmund the talk of the town for a period of time. One day, this would pay off...making Viz the next espada....the Segunda. The universes would know his true power, his endless hunger reborn into a craving to find knowledge. To find his lover. To find his killer. Now with the power of a Vasto Lorde, Nothing will stop his ideas. Though with his evolution, would the small pieces of humanity be able to assemble him again?

<div id="creditlink">made by <a href="http://z10.invisionfree.com/A_THOUSAND_FIREFLIES/index.php?showuser=25440" target="_blank">cami</a> of <a href="http://z10.invisionfree.com/A_THOUSAND_FIREFLIES/" target="_blank">atf!</a></div>

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