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Bleach Rebirth has opened up in an Alpha stage! That being said, there will be a lot of things which will be revamped and edited during this phase. Please bear with us.

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Daisuke Minamoto


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Oct 13 2015, 06:24 PM
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<basedetail>Ogre of the 80th</basedetail>
<basedetail>one thousand, nine hundred-two</basedetail>
<basedetail>7th Division Captain</basedetail>


<td class="traithead">the good</td>
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♦ Loyal<br>
♦ Honest<br>
♦ Sophisticated<br>
♦ Determined<br>
♦ Calculative
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♦ Critical<br>
♦ Impatient<br>
♦ Restless<br>
♦ Stubborn<br>
♦ Deviant
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♦ Boobs<br>
♦ Butts<br>
♦ Lingerie<br>
♦ Women(in Lingerie?)<br>
♦ Changing the sociocultural balance of SS/Rukongai
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♦ Arrogance<br>
♦ Ignorance<br>
♦ Death<br>
♦ Failure<br>
♦ Lonely nights in bed

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No legacy is so rich as HONESTY- Why would someone deny others of their unique and genuine perspectives; perhaps, discarding them in order to conform to the masses or please a higher power. Doing that, in a sense, is suicide-vanquishing your own identity at what expense? Glory, recognition, companionship? Daisuke finds such a concept as selfish and invaluable in the long run. Confidence thrives on honesty, and therefore it is therapeutic to yourself to practice it-even if it does not meet the opinions of others. Clearly, this creates conflict, but there is no growth without conflict, both for others and Daisuke himself. This brings us to the main reason the man advocates it, to better himself and his own ideals. If something is so profound as to breakdown his stubbornness, than it is valuable to self-improvement.
<p>The ultimate authority must always rest with the individual's own reason and CRITICAL analysis.- Honesty can be a segue into many other formal or informal derivatives, one of them being how brutally honest Daisuke can be. If you are lacking in something, he will call you out on it. If your arguments are built on flawed knowledge, he will rip you a new one because of it. If you are weak, he will tell you in the most harsh way possible. People need to know the truth of things in order to adjust for the better, no matter how painful it is to hear. Daisuke would expect nothing less of everyone else towards him, after all. Most of what he is now is credited to those stronger than him who said how weak he was and just how minimal a difference he could make. If he did not know that, he would not have honed his skills, studied fervently, and physically conditioned himself to attain something that actual could make a difference on a macro scale.
<p>Many are STUBBORN in pursuit of the path they have chosen, few in pursuit of the goal.- If you haven't been able to tell, Daisuke values his own opinions-as he actually takes the time to dissect certain social anomalies and phenomenon in order to one day construct a single idea himself. That being said, he is not one who would denounce them easily, and especially without debating the logic and ethics of the two clashing ideas. Because of this, some may confuse him as a man who is quick to fight, hasty, and reckless...This is a common misconception though. But with every word, his mind swiftly considers the skeleton of another's claim, digests it, and decodes it in order to understand completely how others are trying to establish a stronger argument. After that he will either rebuke it with something more on the harsh side or perhaps give it some respect-if it deserves any whatsoever.
<p>Failure will never overtake me if my DETERMINATION is strong enough- Relentless in his endeavors, whether it is something as militant as a mission or maybe as habitual as his journey to catch a girl naked in the bathhouse without being caught, Daisuke expresses complete and trained determination. For the most part, it is to maintain some form of sanity-as you will learn later-, but it can also be because he finds the completion of zed task to be beneficial either in the immediate sense, or even in the future. that being said, if he is given a task that he cannot really identify with or even accept, he will still carry it out...but this time only to represent the quality of completion he tries to always represent as a Captain. Though, giving him such a task may be a little more trouble than it is worth, as he will probably strike an debate over it.
<p>RESTLESSNESS is discontent, and discontent is the first step to progress- Why would Daisuke perform certain tasks to maintain his sanity, you may ask...well..that is easy to answer! If he finds himself with nothing to do, he gets incredibly bored and even bothered. People call him a busy body because he can never find the time to sit still and relax. Paperwork is better than nothing! Sometimes though, this can be counterproductive as it begins to weigh heavy on his own health. SLEEP IS FOR THE WEEK! he says (although if he had someone sleeping with him it probably would solve the issue). Because of this, he often looks grumpy and without rest. Instead, he often finds something, anything, to do in the meantime. You will always find the man doing something...and if you catch him doing nothing...than something...is...not...right.
<p>INTELLIGENCE is the ability to adapt to change- Mind over matter? Brawn over brains? Why not both? Daisuke believes that knowledge and intellect are crucial to one's success in any field, but he does not consider himself solely a man of smarts. To be the most well rounded shinigami he can be, he tries to express his experience and profound knowledge into a biological sense-which in turn has turned him into a man who also encourages someone to be physically capable of defending themselves. Survival of the fittest, although coined by a sociologist, is the motto he lives by when it comes to life and death. There will always be a day where conflict turns into the harsh whine of two blades clashing together...and if that situation ever finds itself at that neck of the 7th Division Captain...you better count on him fighting with everything he has.
<p>DEVIANCE....well...perverted devience- This might be misleading, because the deviance spoken of is only sexual. Yes, Daisuke is a pocket pervert. He cannot help it, he is simply addicted to the idea of being sexual with those who he really wants to be sexual with. The magnitude of it, however, isn't bothering-for the most part. If a girl is drop dead sexy, he will say that she is drop dead sexy right then and there and perhaps inquire more about her. If a woman has an amazing rack on her, he will share it with her at the risk of being smacked in the face with a merciless open hand. These compliments, to him, are necessary. After all, he would expect others to do the same with him, but no one ever does! If his efforts return with no avail, then he will probably resort to the more bothering practices that he is notorious for...and that is to catch one but naked....and photograph them. In fact, he wants to create a collection of pictures one day.


<div class="brtitle">Appearance</div>
<p>Daisuke is quite a handsome fellow, with sharp masculine features that sometimes makes him seem like he is perpetually "bit***". Whether this is actually how he feels or just a side-effect to his minimal hours of sleep is unknown though. Shaggy blonde hair drapes itself frivolously over stern eyes, tinted with a chocolate hue. usually, he wears sunglasses, ones that he finds himself attached to simple because he likes the way he looks with them. His body type is fit, with muscles chiseled to perfection. This, surprisingly, is one of his insecurities. With a fighting style that revolves around the physical condition....he feels that he should be a little more...buff, for a lack of a better word. that herculean body escapes him though, no mater how much he trains or works out. His attire consists of the typical formal-wear of any captain of the Gotei, bearing the sigil of his division on the back of the white cloak.


<div class="brtitle">Biography</div>
<p>A world striving for order over chaos, thinking that they were somehow opposites of one another. But such a romantic view on peace is easy to come by, especially after the heavy carnage that proceeded it. The past was riddled with it at that point. This was the world that Daisuke grew up in, being born in the 80th district of Rukongai. The question now is, what was Rukongai like back then. The many clans, that finally set aside their grudges against each other, diplomatically created a civil form of unity when they could not have during the travesty the plagued the Lucilia clan. Thus, varied cultures came together, and those who could not be called the most intelligent 46 individuals, or did not have the strength to find refuge in the centered station of military affairs built their homes outside the icon of power known now as Seireitei. Where else, after all, where they supposed to go. these people had not the superhuman means of protecting themselves as the Gotei Thirteen, as they called themselves, had. Thus they hid in their shadow, hoping that the feathers of the angels they worshiped would nourish their lives, and the lives of their children.

<p>This was only the case for certain civilians, however. Resources were conveniently isolated to the newly inhabited districts that were closest to the barracks, creating tension between the military and civilians of the outer lands. Therefore, one could see the tangible differences of ethinc diversity within Soul Society, where the ones closer were aristocratic and wealthy while the outside districts struggled with frequent atrocities on essential rights of life. For the most part though, nothin was done about it, as either the conscription of other shinigami or even missions for trained shinigami did not extend to the further districts. Often times there was a centralized form of power. The closer you were to the death-gods, the more probable it was to attain power and wealth....and these rich pigs worshiped them because of it....when Daisuke grew up in a world where they were resented them.

<p> During the year 1190 AD, Daisuke was born in a impoverished family that frequently dealt with gang-oriented shenanigans. His birth, oddly enough, was hidden from everyone around them. The reason being that gang members would steal children and raise them under the tutelage of deviance. And, even when a child would run into their families later, the damage gad been done. Sometimes the children would even kill their own parents because they had already branded the abstract idea that these people were made to create a better livelihood for the gang. They were simply fodder for their own use. Therefore they reaped the meager wealth of these men as they pleased. They could not fight for it, and thus they-and many others-created provincial military bands that threatened the more passive folk.

<p>To this day, sadly, Daisuke does not remember the name of his parents, because their efforts to hide him failed. Their best chances were probably to have the kid escape to the sanction of the inner most districts, where he would hopefully be adopted by those who actually felt remorse. Instead, they were all slaughtered when he was 4 years old, and little Daisuke was apprehended by one of the powerful gangs in the area. Adopting him would be their inevitable downfall, however, as he picked up their arts of killing with rigorous attention and used them to slaughter the strongest of their leaders, and thereby disbanding them completely. The people of the 80th district remember this day, as a child clubbed 50 men to death until he slept on a mattress of corpses that very night, their warm blood keeping him comfortable in the cold stillness around him. You may ask though, why was such an outbreak even started? Well, it was actually planned by the boy himself, who astonishingly remembered his mother being decapitated before his very eyes. The men were simply too late in capturing him before he had grown found of those around him.

<p>The days following the slaughter were tough, as other gangs sent in men to kill the boy in order to gain coveted superiority over the others. "The boy is a demon," they said, "Killing him is a sign of dominance"! Yet none of them were able to. Daisuke was beginning to create his own lethal form of martial arts at this point, redirecting attacks around him to either leave a vulnerable opening or to make it just as lethal to another bystander around him. After many failed attempts on his head, he became known as the Ogre of the 80th, and much more a monster than a child. He didn't seem to cause any ruckus for any of those who did not bother him...and they were in turn thankful for him as they drew the attention of the thieves and killers for the meantime. Thus he was fed like a stray dog, wandering around homes and receiving the scraps (although the normal diet of these people could also be considered scraps) . Sure, the people of Rukongai did not experience hunger, but they often experienced fatigue.

<p> Five days passed this way, the 11 year old boy still wandering the streets with nothing more than the rags he wore and the blood of his enemies to keep him warm at night, before shinigami were finally dispatched to settle this ruckus. Unbeknownst to Daisuke, those ruffians who did not fit in with other gangs began to venture inward and created skirmishes that they were not used to. they even began creating a new gang before the fiery passion they had was snuffed out by the superior shinigami. Countless interogations were held to venture into possible ventures to cease these encroaching disturbances, and eventually a single name rang true amidst each one: The Ogre of the 80th. It took them several years to come to this information, but they did not hesitate to dispatch a platoon of 12 shinigami to deal with this inhuman oddity that terrified even the scum of that primitive area. Around that time, the 12 men of the 7th division began wandering the streets of outer Rukongai in hopes of finding this child. During their expedition, the rumors continued, some far more mystical that real. "The boy devoured an entire home in one gulp!" some said, "He could crush a whole group of mercenaries under his feet" others said. Soon they began to think whether or not the child was a myth or not...until they finally came across a boy..who fit the general description of the butchery everyone said he was capable of.
<p>When they found him, his face was crusted over with the blood of his victims, his nappy hair sticking together in glossy clumps. He had no clothes on save for a loincloth...and the personal adornment that was a necklace of eyeballs strong together by bisected optic nerves. In his right hand, he held a stone club, a surprisingly heavy weapon for a boy his age. Some of the shinigami trembled at the sight of it, but others were more surprised with where they found him. Apparently, a single mother had adopted him at that point, allowing him to sleep on the floor in her home along with a fur blanket....and so they found him....leaving the house....with everyone else passing him by as if he did not look as he did. Daisuke shared in the same confused look, as he was always taught that the shinigami would never venture out this far, much less the furthest district. These moments of close analysis created dry air between them, and it began to make the civilians around them nervous. Maybe it was that they thought their savior dead before he even stopped breathing, or maybe they feared intervention from the gotei that would further hamper on their way of living. All that aside though, after a few minutes.....the shinigami charged to kill him.
<p> No one died that day, surprisingly so...and the shinigami woke to themselves either laying atop a pile of their unconscious allies, or unluckily beneath them. Moreover, there was no sign of the Ogre, so they returned to report the findings of their failed capture/or kill. At that moment....a single contributor of the 7th division research squad actually noticed that, despite the wandering criminals, the crime rate of the 80th district began to slowly deviate from its norm. Deaths were still frequent, but much more of them were predators rather than victims, killers rather than simple people. At that moment, they focused their efforts on other issues, consulting with higher representative of their division and ultimately concluding that perhaps the Ogre of the 80th should stay alive, his reputation perhaps a suitable threat towards those who actually disturbed those who lived modestly, yet comfortably.
<p>During the next century, Daisuke actually had grown more and more civilized, when compared to his prior behaviorism at least. Looking as if he were only a few years older than he was when he saw his first shinigami, he found himself house hopping, learning whatever he could from those who charitably offered hospitality. Here, language and communication skills were an integral part of his learning, and the assumed culture of those aside from themselves resembled something like a fairy tale to him. "T-Th-....ay....cun bre-....breat fiyuh?" he remembered asking one of the people after they told him the story of a fire type shikai they had observed once during thee war of the clans. The old man laughed though, and shared with him the information of something known as the zanpakutou.....which Daisuke thought was a mouthful at the time. Education was rare in these parts....so he called it Zandpa....like one would say Grandpa. This did not mean that there weren't still missions held by the local military troops to bring back his head to their leader. Simply that there weren't as many. Before it was easy to spot the child walking around foraging for food or a place to sleep...but now he looked like the majority of the other children, but the story of the feared Ogre of the 80th resonated on.
<p>Another few years passed, and Daisuke was now talking normally-for his age at least-with the people around him. he didn't really have a name at that point, but he knew when people called for him. At one such moment, he heard an old women call out, "OGREEEEE....can you come here for a minute," in a surprisingly loud tone for a woman her age. Usually, Daisuke (who obviously wasn't called that at this point) didn't like being called that....but this old woman called him that because he ate like one. She also was one of his main tutors in the land. So, he turned happily and trotted over to her and another man...who dressed in a heavy cloak that hid much of his body. Curiously, Daisuke peaked inside asking who it was. Apparently...this was a man who lived in the 53 district...and was a benefactor to the local news distribution club. "This is the boy I was talking about, could ya show him what its like where you are? I'm sure you could get a story out of him or two." Daisuke grew excited, he wanted to know what it was like, what he could learn. he was tired of the ceaseless fights that sometimes added yet another tally on the wall of kills. For some reason, the man owed her one...so he reluctantly agreed. Little did he know that the woman sold drugs and actually had a lot more wealth than she said she did. That aside though, the two set off back towards the center.

<p> There were some moments where they were intercepted by robbers, expecting them to 'pay a tool' for their travels. The man kept quite a bit on person, which probably drew the attention in the first place. Long story short, the man didn't have to pay any more toll on the way back after Daisuke beat the crap out of the men with his bare hands. Most of the rest of the journey was spent with either Daisuke asking what the man's life was like, or the man asking the boy who the hell he really was. 'Well...i don't really have a name...but many people call me Ogre....I don't really like that though". At that moment the questions ceased, and Daisuke often found the man catching short glimpses at him...turning away frightfully when they would make eye contact. Strange.

<p>When they grew closer, the small raiding parties vanished, and Daisuke began to see a far more comfortable way of living. For one, the houses didn't all have straw roofs...and second of all the people wore so much more! And....the women....they were so much...cuter? This was the first moment Daisuke began to express feelings of attraction...which confused him...because before that all he knew was how to survive. Around that time was when the man discovered the innocence behind the beast, and he once again returned to asking him questions. He asked how he grew up, what life was like, everything. Daisuke answered, but only if the man allowed him to learn from everyone and stay at everyone's house. the man said he would teach him everthing he could...but staying at other peoples house....was not a common custom here.

<p> Daisuke stayed there for 100 years, which was much longer than he expected. The reason? Well apparently the man's wife Lauren grew incredibly found him him. Both her and Edmund had been trying to have a child, but as she found her efforts stale....she grew sad. Now, she couldn't be any better. She taught him everything, and dotted on him hand and foot...which was somewhat of a relief for Daisuke, who remembered vividly how he had no one he really cared about, or vice versa. Unbeknownst to him though, the very woman who sent him out became known as the mistress, and created a small guild (if you could call it that) to tax the people of the 80th with brute force and harsh intimidation. She planned to grow close to him and send him off, hoping that the life would lure him in permanently.

<p>That aside though, Daisuke began to miss everyone. It wasn't an easy decision to make, between all the things he learned and the love of this...family. He would discuss the ethics and errors in the shinigami's procedure regarding the accident of 1215, or even what might have happened to the Captain commander of the gotei in recent news. For the most part though, Daisuke was bitter towards them, while his family almost dotted on them as much as Lauren did him. Now though....he would take his own home, where he came from, over this one. The news saddened the family, but they understood...so they next day he ventured back on his own. Much to his chagrin, Edmund later wrote a popular article "The Ogre In My Home," shortly after his absence. He could not read it for himself....but further news said that it was taken down due to the displeasure of a certain woman in the very same house.

<p> As you might have expected, Daisuke returned to a town that was worse than it had been during the time that he got his name. again, bodies littered the streets, and the fragile sound of delicate sobs lingered in the air from the houses around him. Anger flushed through him, and again he set off to kill whomever had started this. By that time though, the mistress had created a far more organized band of idiots....this time 40 trained individuals, all with new manufactured weapons, charged at him. Blood spilled all over the streets of the 80th, and the entrails of the bandits decorated the walls around the main square. By the end of the day, only the sound of teeth crunching under Daisuke's feet could be heard, some of them he would pick up as he traversed into the hall of the mistress. She expected it though, and there were no screams. That day started the legend of the Ogre all over, and the 7th was once again dispatched...but they returned with the assumption that the boy had been killed in the slaughter...but little did they know that he slumbered in a quilt of rotting flesh that night, just like he did before.

<p>Around that time, he was beginning to hear rumors of a child in the south rukongai district who ruled over the land herself....and the thought came to him....why not rule over the 80th? And so, He created his own provincial military group, the center of operations was a dojo where he taught people how to fend themselves. Most of them were people once victimized by these selfish gangs, but now they fought for the well being of the people....turning into a police like organization that was actually payed by the people to consult with certain local disturbances using their own means-often a fight to the death. Soon, the Dojo grew, taking in members from other gangs that surrendered and promised to change their ways. though there was one gang in particular...that was even a match for the 7th division.

<p>the Wolfgang clan was a gang who actually had a member known as the Blacksmith....who traded out fake zanpakutou capable of accessing a shikai form. They had been dealing with shinigami for a few months during the year 1620 AD, and one more when Daisuke learned of it. By then the 80th district, and some others, were under his safe watch....but these men crept towards him to usurp the throne of the Ogre. People still were having difficulty swallowing whether or not he was still alive, even with the Ogre's Dojo erected in the 80th. It seemed to rich a story for most. and so hey came in, killing many disciples of the Dojo.....which disturbed the peace of the Ogre himself. A few weeks passed after those men were skewered around the 80th by the boy himself, as he wandered wielding two of their weapons. he did not know what they were....but he figured they were just scraps of metal honed to kill....which in a sense they were. A year passed with the Dojo actually aiding the shinigami, and eventually, Daisuke himself ventured into the main holdings at night and killed their leader...who was trying to hide something from him: A sheathed blade. Daisuke took it instinctively, as the spoils of a battle long overdue....not knowing that it was a genuine Zanpakutou.

<p>The time between then and 1825 AD were spent keeping the peace and at the same time helping the standard of living: building better houses, finding better jobs for people in order to create an effective circulating economy (on a micro scale of course), and even started entertaining rallies to keep the people moral up. It was then that the reputation of the Dojo exceeded the limits where they would not be bothered. And shinigami eventually went there to seek out people to draft into their ranks. Daisuke found it a disturbance at first, especially because they came to recruit for the sole purpose of fighting against the Quincy....which seemed like a scapegoat to him. They didn't seem to have enough information to justify their decision....but Daisuke thought something through: the 7th division seemed to handle a lot of affairs around Rukongai...perhaps he could help these people if he got up in the ranks that made a difference. So the decision was made, he alone would go with them. He left the Dojo to one of the others he considered a 'good student' in the meantime. And so began his journey within Seireitei.

<p>Shinōreijutsuin, more commonly known as the Shinigami Academy, was an interesting place, and the way they dressed even more so. Daisuke was thankful though, they did smell a lot better after all. they did, however, ask for his name.....moments of silence proceeded afterwards until he looked at the sheet of other names....mushing together the names of other people together, "Dai...suke?....Eto Minamoto..." he said awkwardly...luckily it was enough though.

<p>Daisuke spent the next 20 years of his life here training, taking a long time because there was little to no reiatsu that resonated within him. The only thing going for him was his combat skills and his physical dexterity that set him far above the bar in terms of sparring with others. He could not shoot energy balls from his hands, or claim title to using even more recognized kido....but he could use his agility and strength to knock the hell out almost 80% of the people there. Those he couldn't often were to quick...as they had grasped the technique known as Hohō. Therefore, to decrease that margin even further, he mastered it quickly and without much difficulty. At that moment he was in his 10th year...but he still had no training in kido, and very little in zanjutsu. Even when he carried around that sword he won during that gang war years ago, he did not use it. he found far more success in using his bare hands. So, teachers at the academy began teaching him martial arts, and focusing on his kido training. it was an excruciating additional 10 years, and the only thing keeping him sane was mastering the Wing Chun style of martial arts. Eventually that would be his claim to fame.

<p> Eventually it came time to pick out his Asauchi, the sword that would identify with him for the rest of his shinigami career. Much to the distributors surprise though, apparently Daisuke already had one. The rusted blade at his side had been stolen at some point and time, which was unknown to him this entire time. After telling him the story, and at the same time telling the man that he was the Ogre of the 80th, the man allowed him to keep it. Thereafter he trained with that blade in the way of zanjutsu. and eventually his kido skills were up to par to the point where he felt comfortable taking the exam...which he passed with flying colors....even though he stayed longer then some others who graduated earlier. Most others even began dabbling into their shikai at this point...but Daisuke didn't even know the name of his blade. He didn't even know that the blade itself would closely resemble him and his way of thinking....great...he would have to put up with a stubborn caustic ass like himself.

<p> Despite this dilemma, Daisuke found himself in the 7th division. He, however, was not dispatched to kill the quincy-and he was quite happy not to. There was some pertinent information that had been discovered around then, pointing the direction at the hollows, which apparently were behaving abnormally. Daisuke was not often part of the investigations towards this phenomenon though, instead the 7th aided in assisting in the affairs of other divisions. Yes, this sometimes included killing hollows....but for the most part his assistance was distributed like that soap bar around the 80th district....and yes....there were only a few that EVERYONE shared....or....at least they called it soap. That aside though, he spent a lot of his time training his martial arts and practicing Jinzen....where he actually spoke with the spirit of his zanpakutou.....yet...she seemed to be as he guessed.....stubborn and quick to argue. Oddly enough though, she was probably something close to a friend...despite being a part of himself theoretically. Sometimes the thought of it made him feel more lonely.

<p>This time of meditation and practice was soon put on hold, when the Central 46 made a decision to attack a citadel in a place known as Hauce Mundo. The invasiom seemed far to hasty, and Daisuke felt like such a poor move could leave them vulnerable in the long run, but he was virtually invisible in the ranks at that point. that didn't stop him from trying though, especially when the new Captain Lanying seemed like a genius, a natural perhaps....she was 500 years old....wasn't she? that aside, he respected her, and one day wanted to prove himself enough to be a part of her seated members. In fact, she was an idol, to him. She was powerful and was rumored to have mastered shikai during her years in the academy! Well...she wasn't the only one...but he hadn't sooooo....she was a badass regardless. Some even said that she was the one who brought together the gangs of the south....wow....so that was her. Yet another commendable trait, maybe he could coordinate with her the livelihood of those of Rukongai, and even the entire Soul Society.

<p>Sadly, he never found the time and eventually he didn;t even have the opportunity anymore, as the captains were all dispatched. He, however, was just beginning to master shikai, and only had 40 years to touch the surface of Bankai....and was not entirely ready to fight off the arrancar despite his battle expertise. During those 10 years though, he found himself training harder then he ever had, mastering Wing Chun and even unlocking the doors of bankai-an extraordinary feat- while the war in Hauce Mundo was under weigh. He was getting there, maybe after this war he could go to her and ask for a promotion. Sadly though, he would have to put that on hold after news came back that the shinigami were struggling on the war front....even more so when only half of them returned. The Central 46 had made an enemy that they had not done enough research on. Karakura Town, as a result, had been destroyed. Lanying did return though....but eventually she would simply vanish without a trace, leaving the seat of Captain unattended to. Why did she do this!? well...after the failed battle against the arrancar, the shinigami turned against the Central 46, creating civil dispute between those who advocated for them, and against them. There was no diplomatic solution reached, and it all reminded Daisuke of the years the clans fought. Yet all of them tossed the well being of Rukongai aside, or so it seemed. Therefore, he could not leave the issue aside as his Captain had....and he could not condone her choice. So he sided with the reapers, simply because the Central 46 was indeed foolish. In turn he fought to preserve the rights of the people....trying to end the war in order to make sure that there were not any stray casualties in a conflict that they were not a part of. Such a thing, however, was not avoidable.

<p>The Qulin, a bount group (HE KNEW THEY SHOULD HAVE WATCHED THOSE FECKERS) invaded soul society, killing shinigami and souls alike. This was an atrocity, and daisuke found himself killing them in a frantic rage, helping those destroy the towers they erected as quickly as possible. Daisuke had killed more people that day than he ever had, and traditions of the past emerged once more. once again the optic nerves were tied together to make a necklace, and the butchery of the Ogre of the 80th continued again. It was here that his talents were recognized by allies that found him in the middle of his unrelenting rampage. Rumor has it that he did not sleep those 3 months, and just kept on fighting to the next one without a moment's thought....and...when the war finally stopped he slept for 5 days. Waking to the news of being considered for the Captainship of the 7th division. the news was great...but the score dealt upon the souls was immeasurable...and now he waits on the decision, considering what he can do for the people...whether he becomes a captain or not.


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