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Yuuta Yasui

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Oct 25 2015, 01:30 PM
Yuuta may well be a Vice captain but he was more than happy to do his part in the field when needed. A group of unseated member of his squad had been assigned on a group patrol of the human world to keep peace, help souls pass on and generally fight off hallow. The only problem was that there was an outbreak of a mystery bug in the froup. Yuuta didn't believe it for one minute, he was new but he was also very sharp. However, he didn't mind standing in because if they didn't have a good reason he knew Zan would give them a hard time.

So one Gentei Reīn to reduce his reiryoku by 80% as not to suffocate everything around him, and he was on patrol. He'd been there before and he ended up escorting a young fullbringer girl to her apartment after killing hollow and sending some souls to soul society. It was pretty eventful but he was far stronger now compared to what he was in the past, a lot faster as well. He figured he could move from one side of the city to the other in about two seconds if he went all out. Thankfully speed was one thing that wasn't limited so should any problems arise he could get there in an instant and deal with the issue.

It was because of this that Yuuta figured he could take it easy for a bit. He was in his shinigami attire but he had removed the top half to sun bathe in a park aids the busy shopping area. He wouldn't usually be so reckless, but he was fully aware of everything going on in the city and nobody could see him, he was confident of that much so there was nothing to be shy about. Ah, this was great, it was so much different from his first patrol but he still felt the need to do some actual patrolling. He could do that later, for now it was mid day and the sun was lovely. If he could get a tan his fiancée would love it, maybe they might even...... the thought of it made him blush a bit, it would be the first time but figured they were ready.
Oct 21 2015, 06:59 AM
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<span class="charriename">Yuuta Yasu</span>
<span class="charriegroup">Shinigami</span>

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<table width="450" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="2" align="center" border="0">
<td width="150" rowspan="4">
<basedetail> three hundred and two</basedetail>
<basedetail>Squad 4 Vice Captain</basedetail>

<basedetail><b>alias</b> Antja</basedetail>

<td class="traithead">the good</td>
<td class="traithead">the bad</td>
<td class="traitlist">
♦ Fast working<br>
♦ Persistent<br>
♦ Honest<br>
♦ Hard working<br>
♦ Creative
<td class="traitlist">
♦ Closet pervert<br>
♦ Stubborn<br>
♦ Easily impressed<br>
♦ Doubts himself <br>
♦ Can work too hard
<td class="traithead">likes</td>
<td class="traithead">dislikes</td>
<td class="traitlist">
♦ Tidiness<br>
♦ Working hard<br>
♦ Fighting<br>
♦ Girls<br>
♦ Kido
<td class="traitlist">
♦ Bullies<br>
♦ Espada<br>
♦ His hard work being undone<br>
♦ Getting very drunk<br>
♦ Wasted talent

<div id="weekss">

<div class="brtitle">Appearance</div>
Yuuta is quite average with regards to his height, he stands at 5ft 10/ 178cm and weighing 75kg, give or take a kilogram depending on the circumstances. Predictably for one who wields so much power, Yuuta has a very lean musculature which is actually quite slim, as opposed to bulky. Many in soul society deem him to have a very attractive build, aided by the fact he’s fortunate enough to be unblemished. He is also keeps his body hair waxed apart from in the pubic region, this is for the sake of swift medical treatment and because it makes him feel cleaner.
Yuuta has a very youthful face, he’s very young by Shinigami standards and he was also unfortunate enough to have died very young. He is always clean shaven with his medium length, messy, blonde hair that always seems to be somewhat stylish despite never styling it. His dark blue eyes stand out against his very lightly tanned skin and blonde hair, despite being 200 years old they still hold youth and happiness within them.
When he is on duty he wars the standard shinigami uniform with no modifications, however, when he is off duty he typically wears black shorts with a white stripe down the side of each leg. For a shirt he typically ears a plain white t shirt and in colder weather he wears a thick, plain black coat. Equally in warm weather he has no issues with walking around shirtless if it is more comfortable. One thing all his attire has in common is that they're spotless and perfectly ironed to look immaculate.

<div class="brtitle">Biography</div>
In the human world Yuuta was born into very upper class class family in England, he had most things handed to him on a plate but he craved more, he craves excitement. He found this excitement in his early teens when he adopted various martial arts were taught to him including kendo, kenjutsu, fencing, boxing, judo and muay thai. He found a thrill like no other when he was learning these, sadly due to the times the only one he could actively compete in was boxing, he couldn't do fencing because he was too young.
He was relatively successfully as an amateur with fifteen wins (12 KO's) and one loss by decision. However, when he turned 18, before he could turn professional or choose to travel the world he was struck down by a mystery illness. The illness was in fact a blood infection brought about by dodgy dental work and before his nineteenth birthday he died with nobody by his side, his parents wanted to be there but they were caught up in business as usual.
Needless to say Yuuta was filled with sadness at dying alone and stayed in the room where he died for a year before a shinigami found him. He said nothing, neither did the shinigami and the next thing he knew he was being poked in the forehead by a hilt of a blade and he was in soul society, namely Inuzuri, the 78th district.
He didn't have any memories from when he was alive so his sadness of dying alone also disappeared, he spent his first hundred years or so simply doing odd jobs and living a simple life whilst getting into casual fights with some of the local kids, it was nothing serious, it was just a bunch of bored people fighting to pass the time, nobody got particularly injured other than a few bruises and sometimes the odd cut and they'd gotten really rather good.
A century passed, for the first three years Yuuta couldn't find the strength to do much. Yet after that he felt a strange curiosity, he knew a Shinigami saved him and he was increasingly curious about them.He started to study and train extensively yet he had very little faith in his abilities, wrongly so. Five years ago started to train to become a shinigami. Even from the early days in the academy he showed a vast amount of talent and a titanium work ethic.
After his first year at the academy, Yuuta started to incorporate Jinzen into his training. It didn't give many results for the first year but he didn't stop trying. After the first year he could enter his inner world, yet he couldn't find his Zanpakuto. He startred to question if he actually had one, but after two more years, he found his Zanpakuto and conversed with it. It was only in his final year at the academy that he learned the name and was able to release his Shikai.
After four and a half years at the academy, and personal training from one Zanmato Kazura, Yuuta was at a high captain level. Though the one thing he doubted was himself, before he received training and guidance from Zanmato he had no idea of his true ability and was unconsciously holding himself back as not to hurt his classmates.
It was around this time that Yuuta had his first date, it was with Sakura, a maid who worked at a cafe. It was love at first sight and it give Yuuta a big confidence boost, and it was a confidence boost that Yuuta needed more than anything else.
Shortly after the two got together Yuuta took the final exam, Yuuta caused everybody bar Zanmato and the proctor to literally fall to their knees through his reiryoku yet the exam went on. He showed amazing prowess in every test he was given, including the written one, the marks he received were like that of an experienced captain five times his age at least.
After graduating Yuuta joined squad one as an unseated member, despite having an ability on par with captains he felt he didn't have the other skills required to occupy a seated role. He felt it wsa important to start from the ground up in order to be a better seated member in the future.
Only a month after qualifying the Qulin attacked soul society. It was a dark day that robbed Yuuta of five of the people he looked up to and respected, but it was also the day he realised he was actually ready to carry out higher functions as a Shinigami. He helped evacuate citizens and even managed to destroy one of the pillars before the day was over.
He was deeply suspicious about how the Qulin made their way into soul society and started doing some digging and was part of the group of shinigami who deemed the central 46 to be guilty. He never did like the central 46, he never considered betraying the Gotei but he was very sympathetic to the reapers and was regularly talking to Zanmato. He become a liaise of sorts during the reunification of the Gotei, it was something he long dreamed for and to be rid of the people who caused so much bloodshed was even better.
Shortly after the merger, Yuuta furthered his dream by joining squad four, in recent years Yuuta had discovered a love, and an immense talent for kido, even going as far as to have learned shunko after a week of (intense) training. He also found the research and medical areas surprisingly natural to adapt to, the mix of logic and creativity sat well with Yuuta. Being of such a high rank within the squad also meant he had access to a vast array of information which he has been studying daily alongside his training and squad duties. Still, he makes a reasonable amount of time for relaxing, relaxing is as important as training in Yuuta's mind, though he usually spends his down time with his captain, the man he looks up to.


<div id="creditlink">made by <a href="http://z10.invisionfree.com/A_THOUSAND_FIREFLIES/index.php?showuser=25440" target="_blank">cami</a> of <a href="http://z10.invisionfree.com/A_THOUSAND_FIREFLIES/" target="_blank">atf!</a></div>

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