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Bleach Rebirth
An Alternate Universe Bleach Role-Play

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Welcome to BRRP!

Why give up, why give in? It's not enough, it never is.
So I will go on until the end. We've become desolate.
It's not enough, it never is. But I will go on until the end.

Welcome to Bleach Rebirth, we are a alternate universe Bleach role-play with all-original characters and no word count. Come join the fun, which side will you be on?

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The Escapist (WIP)

Hell is empty,
and all the devils are here

Mankind has a weak grasp on what sort of metaphysical reality ensues after death. It cannot be helped that they harbor innocent ignorance over the realms of both Seireitei, guarded by the spectral Shinigami, and Hueco Mundo, commanded by the eerie Arrancar. They have, however, stumbled upon a term that defines the third branch of the afterlife: Hell. Concepts of a world that punishes those deemed to be vile has been widely accepted by man, and witnessed by the death gods themselves.

But that does not mean that there is common knowledge of what this horrid realm is like, just what abominable creatures fill its lands, or even the slightest idea of who might be condemned to an eternity in its infamous jaws. Therefore, it would seem that it is just as mysterious to them as it is to humanity.

So, one can imagine the stirred confusion that these beings, notably Shinigami and Arrancar, would face when pitted against demonic activity within their retrospective realms. Even the human world is plagued by demonic apparitions that haunt the streets in an undying search for something important. What could have conjured such invasive activity? Why are they so aggressive? And, more importantly, who is the Escapist they all speak of?

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The Common Room

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Bleach Rebirth latest news: Activity Check #1
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If you're looking for a quick overview of the site and what to expect upon becoming a member, or if you're curious about the site before becoming a member, than make sure you check out this board. Upon this board lies information about the site for future members to decide whether or not they want to be a part of this growing community. Good information is waiting for you upon this board. What are you waiting for?
Subforums: Information & Rosters

14 36 Nov 1 2015, 11:37 AM
In: Who's Who
By: Raven
News & Updates
All updates to the site will be shown here. Additionally, we will post any announcements and news on upcoming features or events.
16 37 Nov 10 2015, 08:18 PM
In: Activity Check #1
By: Kumaoro Itomoto
Help Desk
Any and all questions are to be posted here if there is no one around in the Chat Box to help you. Any Staff or Member can reply to questions. Help each other out!~

If you have specific questions regarding your race of choice or just need help with your profile, you may either PM the race leader directly or post it here with your issue as the Topic Description. We'll help you out as soon as possible!

1 0 May 28 2015, 01:38 AM
In: Theme Song Help
By: Raven
Affiliate & Advertise
These are the boards where you can either affiliate or you can advertise your own site. Make sure you read our rules on advertising if you wish to advertise. If you break the rules, you post will be deleted.
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Forum Led by: NaNa
335 86 Jul 15 2016, 06:26 PM
In: Legends Of Abraxas
By: Takumi Nagano

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Character Creation
Character Templates and important Guidelines are included here. Create your character here and follow the application guidelines so you know what is acceptable and what isn't. If you need help or are stuck with what to do, drop a post at our Help Desk and we'll gladly help you out!
Subforums: Profile Templates, W.I.P. Characters, Accepted Characters, w.i.p. abilities

49 64 Jun 20 2016, 08:27 AM
In: Asura Yuuki
By: Asura yuuki
Plots, character relationships or ideas for events can be planned out here.
Thread Trackers, Relationship Trackers and Wanted Ads can also be found here.

This is the perfect place to keep track of all your characters!

Subforums: Thread Trackers, Plotting, Wanted Ads

7 6 Nov 17 2015, 11:29 AM
In: Open Thread List
By: Kumaoro Itomoto
To improve upon your character or to train for techniques and other skills, this is where you'll want to go. Your race trial details are also here. More information inside.
Subforums: Character Masteries

19 6 Nov 9 2015, 08:01 PM
In: Vismund's Masteries
By: Vismund Theocrux
Mission Board
For any and all races to take on missions that could earn you Yen and/or reputation. Anyone can submit a mission to the Mission Board and could range from any number of things from a war on earth to helping a cat out of a tree.
Subforums: Gotei, Espada, Other, Completed Missions

15 35 Jun 25 2015, 12:45 PM
In: Assault On Neo-gehenna
By: Raven

Collapse   Community
Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
Keeping all site wide events for every Race here.
9 57 Jun 1 2015, 03:02 AM
In: Sanguine Fangs [reaper]
By: Haru Emman
Of the month events as well as other fun events will be posted here~
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In: ----

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
Kagamino City
Kagamino City, a large city with a currently unknown but obviously large population center in Japan. Located twenty-two kilometers East from Karakura Town. Despite it's massive population Kagamino City doesn't contain anything near the capacity of Spiritually Powerful beings like Karakura Town but it's Hollow population is severely large, with often many Hollow hunting a single soul at any given time.
Subforums: Center City, The Market

4 26 Nov 10 2015, 08:16 PM
In: Too Many Fermented Berries
By: Kumaoro Itomoto
Karakura's Neighbor. Naruki City is rich in spiritual power and thus many Full Bringer, Vizards and a few Humans decide to call this fair city home.
Subforums: School District, Hospital, Casino Royale, Estates, City Square

1 0 Nov 17 2015, 11:26 AM
In: They Teach Everyone?! (open)
By: Kumaoro Itomoto
Karakura Town
This small city has an average population. It's located in Western Tokyo and many of the humans who live here are unaware of ghosts and other spiritual forces.
Subforums: Clinic, High School, Hospital, Abandoned Warehouse, Tsubakidai Park, Yumisawa Playground

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In: ----
The gated Community of some the most powerful humans on Earth. This whole city is Government funded so of course it's citizens live the life of luxury. This community houses mansions and is complete with a training area and the tightest security in the world.
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In: ----
On a massive island that is hidden in the central Pacific Ocean called The Realm of White is Wandenreich City. The location of the Quincy. It is only capable of being seen and walked on by those who are Spiritually aware. The island itself is massive, stretching up to nearly forty miles long and wide. The terrain is mild and varied, but is noted to be very cold and winter like when approaching the island's center, where the island's elevation is at it's highest.
Subforums: Velstadt Peak

1 54 Oct 7 2015, 02:13 PM
In: Kenshin's Arrival [m]
By: Kenshin Yukimura
The World
Neutral role-playing areas can be found here, in order to give you a larger variety of choices to role-play in then just Karakura town.
1 9 Nov 12 2015, 04:12 AM
In: A Whole New World
By: Daisuke Minamoto

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
Seireitei is in the center of Soul Society, a circular shirō with four main entrances, each guarded by a Gate Guardian. The majority of the residents of Seireitei, nobility and shinigami alike, do not interact with the citizens of Rukongai.
Subforums: Gotei, Shin'ō Academy, Sōkyoku Hill, Hot Springs, Housing

5 35 Nov 12 2015, 03:36 PM
In: Youth Vs Experience (kazuya...
By: Yuuta Yasui
Rukongai is the largest portion of Soul Society and the most populated. It is divided into 320 districts each numbered in descending order on how far they are from the center.
Subforums: Districts, Lakes & Rivers, Forests, Mall

3 34 Nov 1 2015, 06:17 PM
In: To Clear Ones Head (open)
By: Kumaoro Itomoto
Western Soul Society
The area where Reapers resided; Those who turned against the Gotei 13.
1 28 Nov 11 2015, 07:40 PM
In: If Ninjas Could Be More Shady
By: Kumaoro Itomoto
Maid Cafe
On the way towards Rukongai is the Maid Cafe. Women will wear maid outfits and act as 'servants' for you 'Masters' and cater to your fantasies.
1 9 Oct 28 2015, 01:06 PM
In: Feast Your Eyes
By: Daisuke Minamoto

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
Hueco Mundo
Hueco Mundo is located between the living world and Soul Society. It can only be accessed by ripping a hole in the dimensional fabric separating the worlds.
Subforums: Menos Forest, Desert

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In: ----
Las Noches
Las Noches is a massive fortress which can be seen for miles. It consists of a main building with a domed center surrounded by several large towers and smaller buildings. Atop the dome are five smaller towers, which appear to contain areas such as throne rooms.
Subforums: Meeting Room, Throne Room, Control Room, Rooftop

1 0 Oct 10 2015, 10:41 AM
In: Downfall [plot]
By: Ser'noth Teufel

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
Introductions / Farewells
Come in just to say hi and introduce yourself to the others on the board. There's no need to be shy, we don't bite too hard!
12 12 Oct 24 2015, 02:17 AM
In: Greetings From Across The P...
By: Antja
We like having fun. In Character and Out of Character. Here are some forum games you can participate it. Or even start your own!
3 26 Jul 24 2015, 03:15 PM
In: Character Interview
By: Yuuta Yasui
Creative Corner
Come show off any drawings, photo manipulations, digital work, paintings, anything that has to do with ark work here!
Have a poem? Lyrics? Even a short story or fan fiction you want to share with everyone? This is the place to do so as well!
Everything artistic can be showcased here in the Creative Corner!

2 1 Oct 26 2015, 05:15 PM
In: Shinigami Commandements
By: Kumaoro Itomoto
General Chat
Chat just to chat. Anything and everything can be posted here. Have a new puppy? Finally finish that big test? Or do you just want to start up a conversation? No matter what the reason, this is the place to be!
5 13 Jul 31 2015, 10:52 AM
In: Limited Time
By: Antja

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